Friday, November 18, 2011

Are martial arts good extracurricular activities to mention to colleges when applying?

Basically, are martial arts (primarily Taekwondo) good extracurricular activities to mention to colleges when applying to get in?|||I would mention any extra-curricular activities you do at any level as long as you have been doing them for a while. It demonstrates discipline and commitment. It also shows that you are not somebody who sits in their room and does nothing but studies - you can go out and do other things whilst maintaining your grades. It makes you look more interesting and well rounded. You could also talk about any skills or qualities you have developed through your martial arts training such as commitment, mental strength, dedication, communication... In addition, if you work with newer students I would certainly mention that as it shows leadership skills, something that colleges are very keen on.

Good luck with your college applications!|||Depending on the level you compete...local, city, state, regional, national...the higher up the the Olympics/global...then you mention it for sure

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