Friday, November 18, 2011

What type of martial arts promote 50% hand and 50% fight?

I have a very strong upper body and a strong lower body. I would like to know kind of martial arts that I can join that will allow me to use 50% hand and 50% fight.|||Good answers so far.

The styles you should be looking for in that department would be certain styles of Kung Fu (It%26#039;s really that you try to use your whole body as a weapon), Tae Kwon Do (The ONLY style I%26#039;ve done with 50/50 hand/leg striking is Moo Duk Kwan, but there%26#039;s bound to be others [I%26#039;ve heard some good about Songham Tae Kwon Do, but I don%26#039;t know about the ratio actually]), Karate (The one that is really likely to be 50/50, but would still depend on the school/style), Kempo (Usually more hand striking than leg striking, but again: Search the school, and the style), and more. I would suggest Muay Thai too, but I don%26#039;t think that is 50/50 actually

Good luck.|||Any.|||Any form of Karate. Shotokan, Shorin Ryu, Kokushinkai. Any Karate style generally promotes a 50/50 split.

Where as TKD promotes a more 70/30 mix feet and hands.

Most important though, find a school with a good certified teacher who knows what they are doing. 50/50 or not, if they are a bad teacher you will not learn well.|||Akido.|||boxing|||Tae Kwon Do|||definitley tae kwon doe its also a great work out|||i dont know what you mean by 50% %26#039;fight%26#039; since you said strong lower body imma guess you mean foot/legs/kicks

lol i wouldnt think taekwondo would be 50/50 more like 20/80(hands/feets)

try looking into some form of kickboxing: muay thai, san shou, american(however american kickboxing fights tend to have a kicking requirement so they may favor kicks a lil more), also some karates are pretty good like kyokushin karate, and some kung fus like wing chun

sometimes it just depends on your teacher though. where i practice thai boxing we focus less on kicks but the place i used to train had a heavy emphasis on kicks|||50% fight? if you mean foot, then most types of kung fu. And lolz at the person who said tae kwon do...|||50-50 would be Okinowan or Japanese Karate-Do or SOUTHERN style Chinese Gong Fu.

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