Friday, November 18, 2011

What is the name of that martial arts technique that you jump to your feet from the floor?

I%26#039;ve seen this technique in many martial arts movies. I take Choy Lay Fut kung fu and wish to learn it. If any of you know what it is called, please tell me :D

and if you know how to perform it, please give me some tips :D|||Americanized from? Because it sure isn%26#039;t the Chinese term (liyudating). %26quot;Kipping%26quot; is a gymnastics term. The short name is %26quot;kip-up%26quot;, also called a %26quot;kick up%26quot;, %26quot;skip up%26quot;, %26quot;kick-to-stand%26quot; or %26quot;that martial arts technique that you jump to your feet from the floor%26quot;.

Have a strong core. Without a strong core, you%26#039;ll not be able to bring yourself up. Lie on the floor. Roll back onto your shoulders and pull your knees to your chest as you breathe in. Exhale and shove your feet up. As soon as you feel a lightness on your shoulders, arc your feet back down to the ground, almost where your butt was, and drive them down into the ground to force your hips up to standing position.|||%26quot;Kippup%26quot;, alternatively, the americanized name is %26quot;kick up%26quot;

Edit. stslavik, I said americanized name, not form; big difference. Go ahead and nit pick other people%26#039;s answer though if it makes you feel like a big man;)

In addition to stslavik%26#039;s guide, i recommend placing your hands on the ground above your head to add a little push off ability. This isn%26#039;t necessary once you get a hang of the technique but it does make it easier.

Also, I suggest kicking out at an imagined angle of about 45-60 degrees. Kick out too high and you don%26#039;t get enough forward momentum to right yourself. Kick out too far and you don%26#039;t get enough height to allow you to tuck your feet under yourself.|||its called a kip up

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