Friday, November 18, 2011

How many people were practicing martial arts in each of the last seven years?

I am seeking to determine the trend of confirmed martial arts participation. Is the overall number of practitioners increasing or decreasing?|||We do track workouts per day, month, quarter, and year at our gyms. 9/11/2001 produced the lowest number of workouts in our 15 year history. But, by January of 2002 our numbers were back up to the average net increase of 5% from the previous year.

When the Iraq War started,.workouts per day dropped 25% where it has remained since. Our figures from one year ago to date have increased 5%, which is the normal growth rate. But, the initial 25% decrease in workouts per day has not recovered from the 2003 drop. (This is not 25% every year, but the initial drop. We measure annual performance year to date. So we took the 25% hit in 2003, but in 2004 the numbers were up 5% from 2003, 2004, 2005, etc.)

Oddly enough, new member sales are only down about 10%, renewals have remained constant. People are participating, just not as regularly. Participation is definitely down in our two markets by a gross figure of 25% over the past seven years.|||this is difficult to say because while it certainly seems from my perspective that the general level of skill has gone down, consider that in those 7 years I caught up to and passed what might be considered the skill level of the average practitioner, so they may actually be worse but more likely its just that I am much better than I was then.||| have a good idea but most of us have no idea what exactly you are talking about...

To get the answers you need, you must present the data collection question(s) much more clearly.

I woul dsuggest a few simple questions, such as: How many people are in your dojo/club? Is that more or less than 7 years ago? etc...

You are requiring people to make too big of a leap of logic...|||I would say that it is because of the constant shootings and whatever..........I have a black belt in karate, but I have not been in awhile like I should, but when I did we had tournaments and there was alot of people then.|||With MMA getting as big as it is, I%26#039;d say an increase for sure.|||Well you need to qualify your question some.

1. In the US or world wide?

2. I%26#039;m assuming that when you say %26#039;martial art%26#039; you mean to include self defense systems and fighting systems. MMA is NOT a martial art. Neither is kick boxing or Krav Maga for example

In the US I would imagine since the inception of the UFC and all that backyard wrestling crap and the Internet the amount of people practicing is up. How much is hard to say.|||Overall , the proportional number is the same.

Quantity wise, the number has increased, only because population has increased.

MMA as a sport has grown, thus people training MMA has increased.

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