Friday, November 18, 2011

What is the most effective martial arts out there that is widely available in America?

I want to get back into martial arts so I can start going to bars and kicking people%26#039;s asses.|||The most effective marital art that is widely available in america will not be allowed to be used in a bar without proper justification.

The most effective art of mars (martial art- translation of the arts of war) would be a CCW permit so you can carry a firearm. Any martial artist who denies this simple fact is not a martial artist.

The second most would be a concealable weapon such as a knife or jutte or extending baton (where legal).

Training in unarmed martial arts as a supplement is a good idea if you are looking for true self-defence.

The simple truth is that a weapon art is the most effective martial art.

Unarmed martial arts effectiveness depends on the teacher. If you dont%26#039; know what to look for, then sportative martial arts are going to be %26quot;safer%26quot; when you are looking for a good school becuase there is a forum and outlet to clear out the bad schools.

If you wish to look for something you can see the quickest improvement in the shortest amount of time- then boxing would be your best bet as there are fewer techniques to learn. However it is one of those things that does take a lifetime to master. Also taking into account that the reality of fighting today is that the fight is likely going to go to or threaten to go to the ground and involve grappling. I would suggest you find a good judo, bjj, sambo, or pankration school (there are others). to cover this possiblity.

However if you are getting into that much detail to develop a well-rounded fighting game, you might as well train in a striking art that uses legs like muai-thai, san shou (san da).

Also remember you are going to need something to keep the bouncers out of your hair if you are going to be starting fights. For this I would highly suggest you strap some explosives to yourself so they stay as far away from you as possible- The arabs are the best to teach you this. Go to your local deli/grocery that is owned by an arab. they can likely teach you. You might have to go to a few until you actually uncover a sleeper agent- then again you might not....

Or you could just cut through the aggrivation of the whole affair and just check into gitmo right now.|||If all you want to do is get into brawls, then stay away from martial arts. You will only bring shame and disgrace to your instructor.

But if you insist, try Shaq-Fu.

*sigh|||what a great idea!

i suggest tae-bo.

billy blanks is rugged to the bone marrow.|||What you are looking for is Muay Thai. But that isn%26#039;t readily available. However in America, most Tae Kwon Do schools have been whored to death and are available everywhere. Not the most effective but they do teach you some nice flashy high kicks.|||Take up knitting.|||Go to a bar wearing a Chicken Suit, everybody will take you so seriously! No one will touch you!

P.S: MARTIAL ARTS ARE NOT FOR GETTING INTO BAR FIGHTS!|||Lets all remember that martial arts cant kick a bullets ***. So forget the bar seen. Find a system you like that%26#039;s the best one for you.|||If you want to kick peoples asses you are going to have to take two martial arts. These are what every UFC and Pride fighter learns.

Brazillian Jiu Jitsu/ Gracie Jiu Jitsu - This is grappling which teaches you to take advantage of joint locks and leverage. This is ground fighting and if you get people in the various positions this martial art teaches you to easily break bones and choke people till they are unconcious.

Muay Thai - This is kickboxing but in its most brutal form. Muay Thai uses every part of the body. Made up of punches, kicks, knee strikes and elbows this is also an art that conditions your body deliver bone crushing blows and also be able to take the same blows without even flinching.|||Listen to blutoblutarsky2.

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