Friday, November 18, 2011

What has brought you closer to the truth, religion or martial arts?

Yes, I know that both subjects can be seen as one and the same... From my experience, martial arts has guided me toward a better understanding of all things and finally pushed me towards a more complete understanding of Buddhism. Now, I use both in conjunction to face all my challenges in life; so far it has worked well. Do any of you have any similar experiences you wish to share?|||There is no correct answer, really. It%26#039;s defined by personal experience, which is different for all of us. However, what I have found through my life in the martial arts, is that the answer is neither.

What brings you closer to any %26#039;truth%26#039; is knowledge of yourself. Finding religion, whether through practice, prayer, or martial arts; or vice versa, is just a euphamism for finding one%26#039;s self. When you know yourself, you%26#039;re able to handle life with calm confidence, and cut through the extraneous to find, as defined by you, the %26#039;truth%26#039; in any situation.

When you know yourself; capacity, strenghts, soul, and weaknesses, you can better form your resolve, which solidifies your ability to believe in whatever course you choose, and as such, handle whatever situation may come your way, with unwavering honor, pride, and soul.|||Hmmmm? What an interesting question ... I think that the truth is not all that related to either religion or martial arts. Both are meant to teach aspects of truth -- but one can learn through other endeavorers.

Don%26#039;t rule out just studying ... If you want to understand the nature of justice (for example) there is no better source than the writings of Plato. One of the Socratic Dialogs deals with the topic in great detail.

There is a lot to be said for what I would call Eastern meditation (Yoga is a favorite of mine). The Western method of reading, and discussion can be more precise. It does have its drawbacks but overall it is quite effective.

Hope this helps a bit

W. H.|||Neither...and both.

It is the individual that must look, see, ponder and understand.

For some, the religion may allow that process to flow smoothly. For others, martial arts is more direct (as the one poster joked).

While I prefer martial arts, I try not to forget that some find their %26quot;way%26quot; in tea ceremony, writing, fishing, etc. To each his own.|||But they are two sides of the same coin. Martial Arts seeks enlightenment of the body and mind. While religion seeks that same enlightenment of the spirit and soul. While im not a Buddhist I agree they work together making for a better understanding of many situations.|||I can%26#039;t Really say. My Martial Arts has Prayers that Adress one GOD. It%26#039;s Not %26#039;bout Truth Its About Bettering your Spirit, Mind, and Body. %26#039;bout being a better person

Im not to proud about religion most dont really change who you are. they just change you for about a hour maybe.|||Martial arts. At the end of the day, religion is just a bunch of people%26#039;s opinions. A straight punch in the mouth is a stone cold fact.|||Both, not nesscary religion as much as spirtuality.|||Rastagrappler, that was hilarious and true that the same time.|||Truth!! Never tried martial arts so truth

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