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What is the best technique in the martial arts?

I want to know what the most important technique in the martial arts is. I just want some examples. I have heard that it is the Jab. I have also heard that it is the one inch punch. What is a long term learning curve tool to develop and what is one that is very nessecary and fundamental. Thanks.|||WELL THE BEST TECNIQUE ITS THE ONE THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO DO RIGHT AND THE ONE THAT ITS NATURAL WHEN YOU ARE EXECUTING IT so the are no good or bad tecniques all tecniques are the same just that you should use the one that you know it will work i am a karate expert and even knowing thausands of moves my favorite move to use in a dead or life situation is the ball breaking kick its simple and efective and i am 100 percent sure it will work remember in real life situation there are no rules|||The best technique is good footwork. Deflecting punches is second . Look to Wing Chun or Jeet Kune Do.|||What do you mean by %26quot;best?%26quot; Do you mean the one that could incapacitate an opponent with the least amount of force? The one that exerts the most force? The one that never fails? The one that shows the essence of martial arts? I mean there are a ton of ways to answer that question. Personally, I think the best is a form of Tai Chi Chuan because you can do that stuff when you are 80.|||“By changing reaction to opponent’s actions,

You will show a wonderful tecnique.”

Chien Lung|||Each Martial Art has their own strong techniques. I would say that any technique that lets you take total control of the fight (arm lock, hand lock, punch to the throat, knee kick, holds in grappling) and end it how YOU want it to end is the best technique.

Martial Arts as used in self defence is about putting you in control of the situation.

Don%26#039;t believe all the stuff you se on t.v. or hear fro friends. There is way too much hype out there used for making money. Only believe what you see in person and experience.

Good Luck and Train Hard.|||The most important technique in the martial arts is learning to walk away. Hurt no one unless absolutely necessary.

The general rules are

1. walk away before confrontation

2. restrain before hurt

3. hurt before maim

4. maim before kill

5. Kill only if life is in jebordy.

The second most important technique is SURPRISE.

There are so many body builds out there, what works on one may not work on the other. But if you study your body types and weaknesess, you will know what to do to a particular strike to use but, there is always a but, you have to get to these strike points. So Suprise which includes stealth %26amp; deception are the next best techniques.

Hope this helps|||right hook to the head.|||I think you should just run like hell, a 9 second 100 yard dash should do it.|||the flying wonton swirl dive kick|||I am a very unique fighter myself. I am a monkey kung fu practitioner, but have studied under the best. I have studied and practiced 3 different systems of monkey, and also tae kwon do, hapkido, wing chun, japanese karate (designed to take the enemy out), stick fighting, knife fighting, grappling, and peki whan.

The most effective technique is when I combine them all into one, making me the deadliest weapon of all.|||Bruce Lee liked the finger jab to the eyes. Its faster than the leg and has good reach to a very vulnerable target.|||Standing Meditation|||It is called the %26quot;Quart of Blood Technique%26quot; When performed, a quart of blood just drops out of your body.|||Of course, using the tongue to talk your way out of any fight. With that said, the best technique is, oftentimes, the one you are most proficient at and which will immediately end the threat. For some ideas, read the book %26quot;Dirty Fighting%26quot; by Andy Puzyr ;-)|||Jabs and Punches, you can learn that boxing. The most important techniques are the ones you%26#039;re really best with doing. Sounds like a %26quot;cop-out%26quot;, but really it%26#039;s true. Develope those things you do best to make them instinct and perfect. Hopefully for you, these will include several kicks. Kicks are great, because the legs are longer than the arms. Side kicks are essential.|||The roundhouse kick to the face, when executed by Chuck Norris.|||Of course it is the Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

Pei Mai would tell you. If only that treacherous dog, Elle, had not poisoned his fishheads.

My point is that it is goofy to credit a move as the best. Each move in martial arts is designed to fit a specific (set of) situation(s) perfectly. Depending on the situation at hand, there is a best move. But, there is not a special all-powerful-win-every-time move.

In your description you seem to change the question to more of what the most useful tool is, and obviously that is a subject of discussion. I, however, am no master of any martial art. I cannot tell you the specific move that is most useful.

I would suggest that the simple jab would be a good guess, though. The basis of many moves.|||Use a gun.|||Simply put, I would say use roundhouse kick to attack and use back side kick (twichagi) to counter attack.

If you are fast enough you can counter any kind of attack thrown at you by the using twichagi. If you are advanced you can counter by jump back side kick, spinning hook kick or jump spinning hook kick (if you want to knock Out your opponent).

Using this counter kicks to attack could be very disadvantages so the best attack is to use roundhouse kick and its derivatives (like the double roundhouse).

In taekwondo their is no defense, just attack and counter attack.|||Can you like be more specific in what particular martial art your talking about!!

There are different types, hundreds actually!!!

go ask a professional!!|||I am a practitioner of medieval/renaissance western martial arts. This means that I almost never throw a punch, instead Western arts revolve around the use of a variety of weapons in conjunction with grappling (wresling)techniques designed to kill the opponent quickly and efficently. Now for the best weapon, that really all depends on the user choice, what you are naturally best and most comfortable with. Anyways once you find a weapon that really goes with you, master it with lots of training, practice, and sparring (full contact, full intent, full speed) and you%26#039;ll beat a bunch of people.

for unarmed combat I like throws. They are quick, simple, and effective ways to put the opponent in a vulnerable and stunned position long enough for a killing strike.

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