Friday, November 18, 2011

How many type's of martial arts are available?

I would like lear all types of martial arts and also like to participate in the WORLD Extreem Martial Art Chaimpionshiop. I would also loke to know the best trainers of specific martical arts around the would.|||There are to many styles to count. Not only are there different styles about a lot of styles split into different schools which focus on different aspects and techniques of their base styles. If your interested in XMA and competing at the Extreme Martial Arts Championship someday I suggest you start with a base style in one of the more flashy styles like Wu Shu or Tang Soo Do. Then there are many schools which actually have XMA classes and will help you do alot of the stunts/dances like you see Steve Terada doing on the floor exercises at the XMA Championships. If you don%26#039;t know who he is I suggest you go to youtube and search for %26quot;best of steve terada.%26quot; This guy will blow your mind.|||There are soooooo many styles. These styles branch to other styles in an endless manner. From Tae Kwon Do to Tai Chi, you will not be able to learn %26#039;all%26#039; types in one lifetime. You cannot find the best trainer due to the fact that it is personal opinion, but you can find the highest ranking belt of a certain style by googling.|||its only one type they are just fooling us to make propaganda|||Thousands.

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