Friday, November 18, 2011

First I want ask about what type of martial arts is suitable for women or female student?

First I want ask about what type of martial arts is suitable for women or female student? Why? Give some benefits or advantages from your answer.|||Aikido. Size and strength don%26#039;t matter much. There are no competitions, so you%26#039;ll never be worried about fighting %26quot;out of your league%26quot;. It%26#039;s a defensive martial art. People who join wanting to beat up other people get quickly frustrated with Aikido, because it takes so long to become proficient, so you end up with some of the nicest people to train with. You will never be pressured to promote if you%26#039;re not ready. You will never stop learning, and it will never be boring. And it%26#039;s a great workout!|||All martial arts are suitable for any gender and size. That%26#039;s why it was created in the first place!

My big suggestion to you is to think about what you want. What type of culture are you attracted to? Just pure cardio workout? Disciplined schools? A fun instructor?

You can%26#039;t learn the martial arts if you can%26#039;t understand your instructor. You may be even attracted to Capoeira because it%26#039;s more of a physical dance movement. Perhaps American kickboxing? How about Muay Thai? Hey, why not try out jujitsu (for women), wing chun, or taekwondo?

There are hundreds of styles out there and if anything, if you really want to find that %26#039;fit%26#039; for you, you will. Finding your martial arts to train with is a personal journey, so I encourage you to do a little research.

I had to to literally go through 15 different schools in my area just to find the right school to learn from. Then suddenly my favorite hangout place in a building had a martial arts place opening up. Ever since I joined, I%26#039;ve been going there everyday and enjoying it every time. Why? Because my instructor knows how to teach and actually smile (unlike the other schools I%26#039;ve checked out). If anything, how the instructor(s) run the school or teach to style is the most important.

It%26#039;ll come to you.|||I have studied Karate %26amp; Ju Jitsu. I am now in Krav Maga.

By far the best Martial Art for a women ( and man ) is Krav Maga. The reason for this is simple. Isreal use this art in there army. All Isrealie people have to join the army for at least two years including the women. They have devised an Art that incorporates - Karate - Judo - Ju Jitsu and there own brand of dirty fighting tactics. These applications are made easy for men and women to use and ensure that women have just as much advantage in a fight as men. The exercise alone makes you in great condition/shape. The techniques are easy to learn - Powerful and quickly bring down an apponent. Krav Maga does not have difficult words ( Japan/Chinese ) to learn and does away with silly things like bowing. The uniform is normal clothes! this makes it better for realistic fighting. They use multiple attackers and use weapons....... It is the most realistic Art I have learned.|||ok well im a 15 year old girl and i attend a karate lesson 4 times a week but started out doing only 1-2 times a week, girls can get very far in karate as there is no limits. i am purple belt in HIGASHI KARATE KAI. and i have won a few championships, you will benefit HUGELY from karate, even my mother has started attending 1 lesson a week and shes really enjoying it, GIVE IT A TRY!|||judo specially.

it also helps you to develop or maintain a harmonius body, at the same time it could provide a nice defense against men who are likely to use wrestling-like attacks in order to go for a rape-like situation against females.

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