Friday, November 18, 2011

What martial arts would help an amateur wrestler become more successful?

What martial arts complements wrestling?|||Kodokan Judo

Catch Wrestling|||depends on what you are looking for if you want to add striking to your arsenal i would take up muay thai, boxing, etct. if you want to add submissions i would take up brazillian jiu jitsu or some form of submission fighting. wrestling is a very good base for somebody starting off in the martial arts, because you have the take downs, and ground positioning down. now you just add striking, and submissions and your set.|||Any wrestling type art would help. Judo or Ju-jitsu. Some new ideas or even a spin on old ones can give you a new outlook and a edge in competition. But is that what you want?

Many seemingly unrelated arts or sports can help alot. A professional trainer who can set up a program to fit your needs is a great way to go. Useful weight training not %26quot;body building%26quot; helps in all sports. Maybe you would like to try a performance based gym that trains athletes for the actions and motions they will most likely use. Beware, good performance trainers and gyms can be hard to find. You want results not just big biceps.|||Do you mean to become a better wrestler or to do MMA? Either way, according to this article on espn, jui-jitsu may be a new revolution in amateur wrestling:|||Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and boxing. Wrestlers need to learn submission, and how to work off their backs which comes from BJJ. They also need to learn to strike, for which boxing is great. I would also recommend some Muay Thai.|||judo, freestyle or greco-roman wrestling.|||Judo maybe?|||Judo or Sumo|||ju jitsu

sorry if its spelled rong|||yoga and tai chi......if u r meaning winning for real

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