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What martial arts is best for tall people?

Im mostly interested into martial arts that are primarly used for disabling people. Since im 6%26#039;3%26quot; Im wondering what kind of martial art would better suit my height and interests. I would appreciate the help.|||Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, if you can find a teacher that is, or Tae Kwan Do. In China, the Shaolin temple branched off into two separate schools, north and south. Even though the techniques were the same, and the Shaolin is the Shaolin no matter what, the northern school trained more in kicking, while the south trained more in hand forms. As monks left the temples in their respective areas they taught what they knew best, hence the reason why southern Kung Fu styles have mostly arm techniques and little kicking, while northern styles have much kicking with little arm techniques.

When the second Shaolin temple was burnt down, actually, both Shaolin temples, some monks of the northern school escaped to Korea, where they taught their art there. Combining with a native form of martial arts, Tae Kwan Do was born. If Tae Kwan Do looks similar to Karate, it is not because of the Japanese influence, so much as both arts descending from Shaolin.

Now, regarding your concern; the northern Kung Fu schools emphasized kicking because, the people of northern China are tall. People 6%26#039;3, like you, not at all uncommon. The advantage of a tall person, are long legs, therefore, develop kicking techniques, that was their thinking. Because many Koreans will grow just as tall as northern Chinese, their bodies were ideally suited to northern Chinese Kung Fu which they then simplified and modified as they felt was practical, and thus Tae Kwan Do was born.

Know that Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, and Tae Kwan Do, were created with tall people in mind. If you can find a Korean teacher, or a teacher who trained in Korea they will confirm this; the martial art is ideally suited for tall people because it was designed for them. Problem is because of your height, this will create leverage issues; be prepared for pain and agony in training, such as you have never dreamed. Its hard for a big guy to be agile, that is why pro wrestling coaches brutalize aspiring pro wrestlers. Its hard for a little guy to be strong, that is why bodybuilding coaches will brutalized skinny guys, to force the muscles to grow. In other words, you have physics to compensate for but, masters in the past have done it so with time and training you should be able to to if you are taking it up for the right reasons, namely, self improvement.

Another martial art suited for tall people is the Tibetan Crane Style of Kung fu, not to be confused with the Fujian style. The Tibetan Crane Style, emphasizes dodging a lot, so, if you do not want to seriously hurt anyone, look into it. Problem is, the Tibetan Crane Style, even the modern %26quot;simple%26quot; version, is a ***** to learn so, I hope you are either smart, or very determined, or hopefully both.

pace out.|||It doesn%26#039;t depend on the style but the person and how he uses it.

Your body type can compliment certain arts and can give you and advantage but it can easily go away if you don%26#039;t put forth the effort.

Your best bet is probably stand up arts.

Tae Kwan Do is good for the legs, stay far and you can win.

Karate is good for overall in a way.

Kick Boxing is good for the fitness and has some strong shin kicks and knees (if you do muay thai)

Wing Chun is good in a way for hands use only.

Capoera if you%26#039;re really crazy....

Look up any style of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, they are the ones with the high acrobatic kicks.|||well since your really tall ppl would have a hard time taking you down in wrestling and you can use your long reach to keep ppl away from you when boxing. also your long legs can really help you out in sports like muay tai and jujitsu. so your pretty much gonna kick *** in any sport your join|||i recommend doing what i do which is martial arts/ self defense i dont know really what you mean by %26quot;disableing people%26quot; but im gonna guess its like in a dis-arming way? sorry if im wrong but if i am right then my type would be right for you!|||it depends on what you like to do. If you would rather punch someone out then do some Muay Tai. If you would rather catch someone is some crazy submission and have them scream uncle, then some form of jiu jitsu.|||Why do you want to do martial arts on disabled ppl?

That%26#039;s not nice.

So you just want to hurt the disabled ppl? It%26#039;s coz they get special treatment like the parking spots? I mean that%26#039;s taking it a bit far ya know.|||Since you%26#039;re tall, you%26#039;re going to be pretty menacing to most of your opponents. I would say that kickboxing is best suited to taller people.|||Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you could use your longer body to break peoples joints.|||there are a lot of them out there for shorter people but i don%26#039;t know many for tall people|||muai thai kick boxing, use your lengthiness to destroy at a distance.|||Tai chi|||tae kwon do or kickboxing or muay thai anything that takes advantage of your long legs|||Hi.

Since most martial arts are oriental in origin and most oriental people tend to be short it%26#039;s hard to find a style specifically tailored toward for tall people. Your best bet would be to find a versatile style that works well for many different body types.

Some people say that Jujitsu works well for tall people; I have no reason to doubt this. Jujitsu is a grappling style that relies on tangling yourself with you opponent in order to subdue him. This is great for a one on one fight, but against multiple opponents it tends to fall a little short (no pun intended). So for some (not all) self defense situations Jujitsu is not the best but for sport it works great. Anyway...

At my school we train people of all different heights and body types, from 5%26#039; (or shorter) to our tallest student who is 6%26#039; 10%26quot;. I train at a Tracy%26#039;s Karate Studio; the style that is taught is Chinese Kenpo Karate. It is primarily a stand up martial art but also combines some Jujitsu for the grappling aspect of martial arts. It%26#039;s a versatile and well rounded self defense based style. We have a lot of techniques that involve %26quot;disabling%26quot;, or rather subduing you attacker by way of joint locks, dislocations, limb breaks, pain submission, etc...

It sounds like it would work well for you, if you%26#039;re interested and can%26#039;t find a Tracy%26#039;s Karate Studio look for another style of Kenpo Karate such as American Kenpo or Shaolin Kenpo. These aren%26#039;t your only options, they are just among the more popular styles of Kenpo Karate, there are many more out there.


But what you should really do is visit schools in your area to see what%26#039;s available and then choose from those rather then deciding on a style only to find out no one teaches it in your area.

Which style is right for you will have more to do with the instruction and atmosphere of the school then the style it鈥檚 self. It is the martial artist who makes the art, not the other way around. So look for something you want to do, sit in on a class to watch or take an introductory course (which are relatively cheap if not free) to try the style and find out if you like it.

You will make what style you take work for you and your goals, it just helps when you have instructors who are willing and able to help you do this. This isn%26#039;t to say the style is not important; it also helps when you have a versatile curriculum to work from in where slight modifications to the techniques can be made to accommodate different body types.

I hope this helps and good luck finding a school :)

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