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What is the most lethal and effective martial arts?

I want to know martial arts but too confused which one to take. They say that it depends on how you train and use it. I am not satisfied with answers like that. I need recommendations from the experts.|||Look into Wing Chun (Kung Fu) Very effective.|||Muy Thai (Kick Boxing)|||There isn%26#039;t a martial art better than others.

“By changing reaction to opponent’s actions,

You will show a wonderful tecnique.”

Chien Lung

To choise you have to try: is the only way to understand which is better for you!

You have to understand what%26#039;s your motivation; self defence? fighting? Weapons? Energy? Meditation? All ?

Martial arts have some common keys...but they%26#039; re really different in training, also into the same style: different gym, differnt work!

Probably is the martial art that will find you...

I suggest try various and then you will understand by yourself...just look for a master of instructor that teach all the lesson because some teachers are not really teachers...|||There is no martial art more effective than the others, but just a technicque apllied better than another|||Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Hands down.|||The most effective and lethal martial art is Combat Sambo. Developed by Russian doctors using a combination of medicine, statistics, and physics to develop the best manuevers and lessons to succeed in any combat situation. However, unless things have changed in other countries, I believe the only possible way to learn it is to be a member of CSIS.|||i practice krav maga and haganah (a variant of krav maga) because i consider them to be the most simple, aggressive, and effective matial arts. krav was originally developed for the israeli army but is now taught to civilians. it is %26quot;reality based%26quot;, which means that they do not practice katas or complicated moves that you are likely to forget during a real confrontation due to the adrenal response. in one word, it%26#039;s %26quot;intense%26quot;.|||If you want the most effective way to defend yourself, Krav Maga is it. It works in multiple situations and teaches defense against weapons and crowds and such. If you get into a fight and want to win no matter what you do to achieve it, Krav Maga is the way.|||don%26#039;t take taekwondo , it uses only long weapons , kicks . so it%26#039;s like getting to war with only artillary .

jujitsu is the best for wrestling and grabling

kick boxing or kung fu for kicking and punching .

BUT beside or before all , you should do sports , go to gym, enhance your power and fitness , because after all , it%26#039;s a fight , so you should be tough and strong , martial arts dont have a magic wand to point to your enemies then they fall down , you ve got to be tough to be superior in real fight .

for the ultimate practical i recommend jujitsu or brazilian jujitsu|||Nuclear Bombs!

If you mean hand fighting styles, I would say it is Silat. They study on an island for ten years in isolation. They learn to stop people with telepathy and can take direct hits to the head with any object. They cannot be choked. Do not mess with those people. However, they are so unconnected with the physical, I don%26#039;t think you would even notice them if they walked the street.For one you can take yourself without leaving this world. A very good martial art is Akido. As much as you may not like Steven Segal, he has two dojos that does not have his name on them.

They teach humility and strength with peace (Zen). They teach the true way of the samarai(sp). You don%26#039;t have to be brutal with your opponent but let him know you could do much worse. Akido uses the opponent against himself by gravity and physics. We are lucky to have it on this earth as it was almost a lost art. O Sensei (the founder of Akido) was taught by a man who lost his sons and therefor could not teach it to anyone. O Sensei was the lucky one to have the knowledge passed on to him. The next generation taught Segal who taught it to some lucky souls in L.A. His former top student now teaches in Texas. Steven may have a big mouth but you have to remember he is practicing Zen. He is being without appearing to be. Be careful of fakes who do not teach formerly. The real practitioners don%26#039;t care about belts and don%26#039;t hold back when showing joint manipulations. It only hurts for a little while.|||Ask yourself these questions:

1. What is your bodytype?

Depending upon your size and weight some martial arts will be easier to learn than others.

2. What are your goals?

Why do you want to learn a martial art? Is it for health and fitness? Just want to be able to defend yourself? Relaxation? Want to be the deadliest man alive?

3. What kind of schools are in your area?

This will ultimately determine what kind of martial art you study. Unless of course you are wealthy and can travel to anyplace you wish. Take a look at under martial arts instruction to see what kind of schools are in your area.

With all that being said the deadliest martial art I have experienced is Ninjitsu. Its brutal and effective. The training is very harsh. Ninjitsu training sessions will definitely test your will power. Russian systema is also pretty brutal!

However, it is still true that a martial art is only as good as the person wielding it.|||...MARITAL ARTS ARE REALLY DETERMINED BY THE PPL WHO KNOW WHAT LEVEL THEIR CHI IS AT THE STRONGER THE CHI THE BETTER THE ART|||The only true answer to your question is, no one style is more lethal than another. And yes it does depend on how you train and how you use what you know.

Let me explain; I have had the pleasure of training with some of the best Masters of various styles. And one thing holds true to every style. Martial Arts IS NOT learning how to kick butt. A true Martial Artist knows how to defeat your inner demons.

I have studied and hold Black Belts in these styles:

Tang Soo Do = Chodan = 1st degree Black Belt

Shorin-Ryu = Sandan = 3rd degree Black Belt

I have studied other styles including:

Jujitsu, Aikido, Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, and, Shito-Ryu.

As I%26#039;ve said I have trained in these styles but never reached Dan level.|||Don%26#039;t stick with one form of martial art. U need to be good at everything. Find a gym that teaches MMA( like the fighting u see on the UFC). I train MMA and u will not only get in shape but u will learn many stand up techniques as well as ground tactics. U wont be disappointed.|||Prison/ street mix.|||I would say that the most lethal martial arts is tae-kwondo|||There are lots of good answers and then there are the bad ones. Basically, the main thing people are going to tell you is that you need to learn the same martial arts that are practiced in fighting sports like UFC and Pride, those arts being Brazillian Jujitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, etc. Those martial arts are good and effective but I would like to make a point. In the UFC, there are rules and UFC fighters train to compete within the confines of those rules. If you are looking for a lethal art that is effective on the street, I don%26#039;t think those styles are the most lethal. They are effective, but they do not show you how to do the most damage to a person. My recommendation for effective and lethal martial arts: Wing Chun (any intelligent person who knows about this art will tell you this isn%26#039;t something like you see in the movies. It%26#039;s made for the street). Japanese Jujitsu (one that utilizes both modern and traditional concepts) is another good one because you are trained to break people quickly before a fight goes to the ground and if it does go to the ground, you still break them quickly. You also learn pressure points and a list of other things that will stop a person quickly. Jeet Kune Do is also rumored to be effective but it has been said that the only truly effective person who practiced this art is Bruce Lee himself.|||Well unless your going to Brazil to train with the Gracie%26#039;s or if your town has a ninja school in it you are going to have to find a school that teaches different arts such as ground fighting, boxing, kicking, joint manipulation,throwing these are the areas that you will need in almost every self defense situation.All the styles such as Brazilian jujitsu and ninjitsu and all the other itsues are for the people in huge city%26#039;s with lots of money but if you live in some what of a small city your choices are limited.My personal choice is Hapkido|||ju jutso hands down|||ju jit-su....all fights end up on the need to know what your doing?|||a Kimber 45 semi-auto|||San soo kung fu can be very aggressive and effective.|||Mexican Judo,

Judo know if I gotta knife

Judo know if I gotta gun

The one that translates most to a real life fight, I think, is Hopkido or Jui Jitsu

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