Friday, November 18, 2011

Do you need to have previous martial arts skills to succeed in Okinawan kobudo?

I am thinking about taking a class at my school, but I don%26#039;t really have much martial arts training. Does it require you to have some skills before you enroll? I was in tae kwon do for a semester so I understand how martial arts work, I just didn%26#039;t want to pursue training in TKD.|||of course not, go for it man, you need to start somewhere beside you have taekwondo experience (won%26#039;t help much but its a basis)|||Hi there

Although Okinawan Kobudo is a stand alone art it has similarities with Okinawan Karate. You often find that the best instructors already have dan grades in Karate because Kobduo is naturally the next step for them. Having a background in karate helps because all the weapons have a series of kata to them along with kihon waza and partner work. Its the large forms that will take some getting use to if you have no prior knowledge of the pinan katas or kushanku. The first bo form is difficult to grasp without any concept of the kamae and body movement. But it can still be done so dont be put off. Having knowledge of the terminology from other japanese arts is also beneficial.

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idai|||You should be able to learn kobudo without a lot of martial arts training. If you had a good background it would be a little easier. You would already know the stances that will be used in the kobudo training. I%26#039;m with Sensei S. I%26#039;d talk to the instructor. He is likely to work with you if you ask him.|||Okinawan Kobudo, depending on the organization you join, will require you to have some rank. It varies by organization. You have to ask them. |||that depends on the organization and the instructors.

kobudo is suppose to be a separate art. but some instructors wont teach you until you become a blue or purple belt.

other instructors and organizations will teach you

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