Friday, November 18, 2011

Which country is the best in martial arts?

Real answers only please? In almost all kind of martial arts and with high quality teachers (grant master of martial arts)

Can you mention some of them for information and obviously what makes them great!? And how they attained that level? Can a normal person attain such a mark?|||japan and china are the best places to learn martial arts...

Qungfu, Tai Chi kind of deadly martial arts were born there only....|||European union is becoming a top contender, they just have to join up with Russia|||The last part of your question is ridiculous:

%26quot;Can a normal person attain such a mark?%26quot;

Obviously the grand masters WERE normal people before becoming grand masters. They weren%26#039;t born with any super powers or anything.

Asia is a good place for martial arts. Aside from that, you could also check out James S. Benko:

...And of course, study the life of Bruce Lee.|||For sport-fighters probably the US with the explosion of the UFC.

For real fighters, probably the Philippines, or Thailand.

The rule of thumb is the poorer the country, the better the best fighters will be because they have had to fight to survive.|||Israel has one of the best fighting methods, if you want to know how to defend yourself. Krav Maga is hardcore, no rules fighting. I don%26#039;t know if it truely qualifies as a martial art but I%26#039;d rather fight against someone using karate or kung fu than someone using Krav.

This brutal fighting method was developed around 60 years ago when Israel was fighting enemies on a daily basis and on a street by street basis. Their enemies didn%26#039;t just want their land, they wanted the Israeli people dead and gone (still do).

I say that this is the best place for martial arts because it is the most relevent in today%26#039;s warring places. Every IDF troop is trained in this and it emphasizes winning, not dancing or posing.|||Japan ,China

Okinowa a island of Japan is regarded as main martial art centre in world

keep on looking!!|||its on asia.. specifically the countries of china..

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