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What type of martial arts should a police officer learn?

I am currently in college to become a police officer and i wanted to learn some style of fighting outside of the academy. My friend who is a part time teacher says that i shouldn%26#039;t do tai kwon do because that is easily blockable. What would be a type of martial arts i should study that is offered at classes.|||Ju-Jitsu, it is, in my opinion, the best there, especially for a police officer, law enforcer, and using violence only to fight violence when nessescary, Ju-Jitsu offers the best non-violent form of martial arts.. Twisting, immobilising and detaining your opponent, and possible with mininum damage but considerable pain.|||Most techniques in striking arts wouldn%26#039;t be allowed by police departments for officer use .

Best choices JUDO JUJUTSU AIKIDO or just good old fashioned wrestling.99% of altercations between officers and suspects end up being a wrestling match .|||If I were you I would look at a martial art that uses pressure points. Look up Dillman Karate International on the web, there is likely an affiliated school near you.|||jiu jitsu and judo imo|||You should consider Hapkido, It is a very rounded art covering all phases of combat be it striking, throwing, grappling,joint locking, and pressure points.

A good Hapkido instructor will teach you principles of movement and not just technique. You%26#039;ll learn to be instinctive, reactive and adaptive to what ever the situation calls for. In law-enforcment you%26#039;ll need to learn when to escalate and descalate uses of force. Hapkido training will teach you that. I%26#039;ve trained in Karate for 5 yrs prior to starting in law-enforcement, but it was nothing but striking. I learned very fast that I needed to find an art that coverd more phases of combat that would also reduce liability. I%26#039;ve been training Hapkido for the last 10 yrs and wouldnt training in anything else. Hapkido is taught around the world and used by many agencies. Good luck|||When it comes to physical defense, a police officer must be able to do two things.

One is subdue another person while infliciting as little damage to that person as possible.

The best martial art for this is old fashioned Judo; which focuses on re-directing your opponants energy and rendering them incapacitated and unable to attack.

The other thing they may need to do is take out someone fast and effective, damage not being relevant.

The best martial art for this is Jeet-Kun-Do; which focuses on fast, simple, and devastatingly effective means to destroy or eliminate your opponant.|||brazilian jiu-jitsu|||Aikido!

Good hand/arm locks and throws.|||Jiu jitsu / mixed martial arts would be best but go to a good dojo to learn it and don%26#039;t stop going, I have a couple black belts in a few different styles of jiu jitsu, and I%26#039;m so sorry but when I watch cops on tv I just laugh, it takes 6-8 cops to put a guy in handcuffs hahaha, that would not happen if they knew what they were doing, let me do it I%26#039;ll bet he will be more than willing to give me his other arm. I do study mixed martial arts and I would think a policeman who protects the community should be able to protect himself in all four ranges of combat, so don%26#039;t rule out tae kwon do, karate, brazilian ju jitsu ect, hope I was some help. good luck with your career.|||i agree with lmn78744, you should take up judo, judo is ment to take down the other person, and all the other martial arts is inflicting damage. i wouldnt advise jiu jitsu because jiujitsu is rolling around with the other person to get them into a lock, submission, or choke, you dont want that, especially with all that crap on your belt, the other guy might try to grab something like your gun. In judo one quick sweep, and youve dropped the person, enabling you to cuff him or something. Although there was a russian police technique that was offered... it was on one of yahoo%26#039;s video article about fake vodka in russia.|||ju- jitsu cos you want to be able to grapple and get them on the floor and mount to hand cuff dont do muay thai cos cops are only allowed to protect themselves not inflict major damage to a suspect because muay thai is brutal|||There should be differing training for the various departments. ll. A street cop has to be concerned with dealing with the common dummy, and so needs to be able to use a more non-violent approach. Whereas a Swat member needs to be more qualified in quick and lethal force. To train to be lethal to a common cop is a sentence to him/her as they will face lawsuit after lawsuit, whereas a swat member%26#039;s life or anothers or a citizen%26#039;s can be saved by the use of lethal force. So differing approachs within the same force.

Thats why there is various arts, some need to train with weapons alot, where others have little need. Weapons can be knifes, mace etc. And it is all a part of MartialArts if it is used in personal self defense.|||Judo %26amp; Karate|||judo has been the most popular in the past for law enforcement but that is being over taken by ju jitsu and you had better do something they teach you crap in your job as a cop|||for police officer some grappling n throw would b best,like jit jistu , judo.....but who knows even in worst case u need to punch n kick.....well muay thai is best martial art but i dont know whether it will b good answer for cops or not.....jit jistu will b great for u to control the opponent ,pull some one out of car,lock some one|||I believe that a peace officer shouldn%26#039;t be rolling around in the dirt so I encourage Aikido or Hapkido training for that line of work.|||well i think aikido and judo are the styles you need to learn especially since aikido also works on disarming but you need a lot of practice to be good at what you are gonna do and fast do a bit of karate just in case you find yourself fighting a proper fighter who might also be a criminal to understand striking|||I agree with Shannon on this one. Jiu-jutsu (Japanese style, not Brazilian) is one of the best a police officer can learn. It%26#039;s chiefly about compliance and joint locks that can be tweaked as far or as little as you want to...which is best for a cop since you don%26#039;t want to get in trouble for thrashing a prisoner even though he/she would probably deserve it. A simple lock or two can keep your suspect on his/her toes and get them under control safely, provided they aren%26#039;t on PCP or something of that nature.|||judo and jujitsu and possibly a little bjj but to put it into law enforcement terms as in you cannot pull gaurd when you have a gun he might take it and shoot you. all law enforcements should teach one of these arts along with a bit of krav maga for the beat cops you know. like everybody is saying do judo or jujitsu bro.

also i was wondering are they not teaching you self defense in law enforcement college??

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