Friday, November 18, 2011

What is the best way to market a martial arts school?

We%26#039;ve just opened up a new Martial Arts School. We now need to fill it with kids and teens. What%26#039;s the best way to get it filled up?|||You need to use an in your face direct marketing technique. Marketing 101 you are providing a service that is not a necessity, thus people will not come looking for your business. Your marketing scheme will determine the rise and fall of your business.

Some tips... find your niche age group I would say 6-12 years old. Go to schools, possibly during gym or P.E. and make a quick speech to the kids. You know how they are when they see something that they want. Use great visual examples, (ninja cartoon figures, movie figures, ect) that will appeal to a younger audience. If you appeal to the right age group, the parents will come with the money. Also by targeting a younger market, you have a better chance of establishing long term customers. Handing out flyers at schools is an extremely cheap and efficient way to market. There are a lot of other factors involved in your success, but I wish you the best.|||Word of mouth.

Ask your students for referrals.|||Give demonstrations in schools, colleges, shopping malls at exhibitions for sport health etc,

Posters in libraries, sports shops, book shops etc.|||Well, having lots of money helps, first-of-all. If you%26#039;re not well-funded, it can be a pain. I don%26#039;t even really think they make much money. I don%26#039;t think getting kids will be a problem, but teens might be. Parents love to have their kids do martial arts. Good luck, that%26#039;s all I have to say...|||put ads in schools or outside of schools, also put ads up in the malls, shopping plazas, n parks. u can even print an ad in the newspaper. good luck :)|||Nothing sells like a demonstration. Kids especially love to see it. They love to see the suits and if you break a few tiles all the better. Organise one in a community centre, school or at any community gathering and hand around application forms afterward. You%26#039;ll have %26#039;em queuing up.

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