Friday, November 18, 2011

What do you think are the best three martial arts to combine?

I%26#039;ve already been doing Judo for a few years and was thinking of getting into MMA. What other martial arts should be combined with judo? If you have another combination of fighting styles please go ahead and write down.|||If you are looking at something to complement your Judo then Muay Thai without doubt. I%26#039;d add to that either Jeet Kune Do OR Sambo/BJJ.

I have trained BJJ since 1988 but am getting jaded with it in recent years. Too much emphasis is getting put on BJJ competition work. In the 90%26#039;s it used to be equal training in gi and no gi work (especially in Carlson or Jacare lineage schools). That%26#039;s why I am edging towards Sambo recently.

It depends ultimately in what you want to do with the art. After almost 40 years training, if I were to start again, my advice to me would be to do Muay Thai, Sambo and Jeet Kune Do - HOWEVER, I%26#039;d want to make sure that the instructor of all three was good. A poor instructor teaches a poor martial art.|||I%26#039;ve had great success with my training. I train BJJ, Muay Thai, and American boxing.

My pro record is 9-0 and my amateur record was 8-1|||Look up Jim Harrison profile and you will see.|||Muay Thai, American wrestling and BJJ.

-rj|||You don%26#039;t %26quot;do%26quot; a martial art. You can practice, study, or teach though.

Just giving you a clue.|||muay thai (for stand up) and jiu jitsu (for ground submission). judo is great for takedowns but so is wrestling. i train mma with a background in judo, jiu jitsu and traditional boxing. it works for me.

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