Friday, November 18, 2011

Has anybody used their martial arts training in a real life situation?

I am thinking about learning aikido. I just don%26#039;t know how effective it is going to be if I had to use it in a real life situation. Has anybody used aikido in a real situation? Or has anybody used any other form of martial art in a situation? Just interested to see just how effective martial arts really is in defending yourself for real.|||I%26#039;ve seen it used in several police arrest videos

..alot would have to do with how the instructor taught it.

Here is Aiki like techniques in a Bas Rutten self defense video

And here is my choice for a martial art|||Take lessons in something that leaves no doubts.If you doubt you will lose whether you have trained 1 year or 10 years .I have no doubts that what I do works I also have no doubts I can be beaten but that guy may never show up.|||i agree with da skoolar...where we go our sifu shows us diffent moves but he also shows us how they are applicable in real life situations|||Yes! I am A combat vet,and had to use hand to hand fighting a few times needless to say I am here they are not!|||Yes, but it was not life threatening. I just slipped his haymaker, slid in behind and choked him. I knew him. He was just a bully looking for fun and he under-estimated me because he lifted weights and I was a bean-pole. Here%26#039;s the key to practical self-defense. One, it%26#039;s simple. The more things you have to do for a technique, the less likely to work. Two, you HAVE to practice it at full speed. You have to put on the gear and practice at full speed in a non-predictable manner. You can%26#039;t just drill at full speed, you have to practice for when you don%26#039;t know what%26#039;s coming. Three, they have to cover the %26quot;fear%26quot; and %26quot;adreniline%26quot; aspect of defense. Practicing at full speed will help, but it needs to be discussed what will happen to your body and mind when you%26#039;re threatened. Regarding point one, you may learn a complicated art like Akido well enough to defend yourself, but only after YEARS of DAILY practice. Same thing for the Kung-Fu animal styles. Even then, I%26#039;d say %26quot;maybe%26quot;. There are far more martial artists who get their hiney%26#039;s whipped than there are Steven Segal%26#039;s and Bruce Lee%26#039;s. Go to The History Channels web page and see if they have the %26quot;Human Weapon%26quot; episode where they discuss Krav Maga. The only thing about Krav Maga is it may be hard to find a legit teacher. There are people that take a Krav Maga course over a weekend to a few weeks and become %26quot;certified%26quot; to teach Krav Maga. Be wary. They may, or may not, know what they are doing.|||Yes, I have, several times.

Aikido is a defensive art, that uses another persons strength against them. I would rate it 5/10 for self defense on the street. Why ? Because it does not involve sparring, so your not going to be conditioned to take punches. Lets face it, thats what a mugger/attacker/drunk does - he hits, first and usually hard. If there was an option to study krav maga instead, or as well as, I would do that.|||if you want to use martial arts in real life training you need to go to a martial arts class where they teach you real life self defense situation. Usually chinese kung fu is a great arts since you learn animal skills that simulate animals when they are defending themselves in the wild. Dont%26#039; take a martial arts class where it would be used mostly for tournament fighting as everything like punches and kicks are expected.|||My lover have some fight on street. Once 3 men with knives attack, he beat them. At bar 5 men attack, he win again. I am 44kg girl, not many attack me. I feel like attack Akiyo flirt with my lover. She 168cm tall in bare feet. I%26#039;m 154cm tall.|||Yes. I used a Judo RNC twice to beat some guy when forced into a fight.|||Yes. Absolutely. I was defending a guy in the subway in NYC. I knocked the attacker out(Stomach 5), caught him before he dropped and slammed him against the train door to wake him, then slammed him against the wall panel twice before the doors opened, then flung him out. He was a member of a notorious gang and was very abusive. I just had to get up and do something.

I used an arm grapple into a reverse punch from Saifa, then trapping and palm thrusts from Tensho. When the doors opened, I executed lunging palm thrust from Shisochin to his sternum. He dropped like a sack of scat.

The guy he was attacking was really humiliated and I hate abuse.

About a month after, I clothes-lined a guy that I saw mugging a girl :)|||Two of our students have and have been in the news. One female student after moving to Philadelphia was attacked on the street and put the thug in the hospital. Another was attacked by a knife wielding nut at a night club. He disarmed him and held him while his wife called the police. A third guy was at a truck stop and helped his friend avoid a hijacking they fought off 3 attackers that had tier irons.

These things don%26#039;t happen often this is over the span of about 10 years.

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