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What is the best martial arts style to learn?

I am more interested in a more physical, strenuous style for self defense/fighting.

Can anyone recommend a style, organization, dojo, etc. that they like? It would be greatly appreciated.

I have already investigated a respectable ninjitsu dojo and a place (White Dragon Martial Arts) that teaches Choy Li Fut kung fu, but would still like some input.|||First off it would be kind of pointless for me to recomend a style for you, like the others on here, just for the simple facts of:

1) I do not know every style that you have availible.- It would do no good for me to recomend BJJ or Muay thai or whatever if you don%26#039;t have a place near you that trains it.

2) I do not know what you are looking for, besides being physical and strenuous, which any style will be if you train it correctly.

Let me say disregard what Dmaud says from the get go, as he has a very warped view of the martial arts and all of his knowledge seems to be book learning and no actual experience.

My advice to you is to disregard style and focus more on the quality of instruction availible and the training methods.

Here are the steps I would take.

1) Locate all of the styles near you, and research them and what they contain and don%26#039;t contain. If you want weapons and a style does not do any weapons, then you can pretty much cross it of the list. You can get rid of quite a few choices this way.

2) Do a search on here for questions and answers on what to look for in a good instructor/school and what to avoid. There are hundreds of these on here and it would be redundent and a waste of time for me to list what to look for.

3) Go and watch each class that interests you, and compare it to the list you got from your research here. Watch/participate in more then one class.

4) Choose the school with the best instructor, that trains the right way, that will give you what you want, that you can afford, and start training.

Hope this helps.|||You%26#039;ve done some homework and that%26#039;s good. Let me just throw this out there for you and other:

1) Take a moment on youtube and wikipedia to look up different martial arts. Watch tournament matches and demonstrations. Take note of what interests you. You should search your own desires too. Do you want to learn the sporting aspect of the martial art or do you want straight self defense? Do you want a hard workout with your class? Do you have any goals that you want to pursue by joining a martial art? You want something hard? Look at muay Thai and Brazilian jiujitsu. Want self defense? Check out Krav Maga. You may also want to call the local police office/check with local universities to see if they are offering any self defense classes.

2) Do an internet or phone book search for the schools that interest you. If you live in a big town, then finding exactly what you want shouldn%26#039;t be too much of a problem. If you live in a small town, you may just have to settle on what you can find.

3) Go to local schools and watch a class. Participate if you can/want. If you enjoy the class, take note of that. Continue to look at other schools until you find the best one for you. There are things at this step to look out for, but I won%26#039;t digress and start blabbering about that: we%26#039;ll just save it for another day.

Hope this helped.

|||I will try to answer your question the best I can,First of all their is no best style to learn all martial arts are only as good as you make them,in other words you get out what you put in to it,as far as schools go most if not all of the good ones will let you sit in on their classes or even work out with them at no cost to see if you like the school,talk to the students and see what their impressions are of the instructor.Good luck|||Taekwondo is a good style to learn for self defense. If you are in the Raleigh NC area, Lee Brothers Taekwondo is a good choice and so is Blackbelt World.

Another strenuous martial art is the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga.||| Boxing


San shou

Muay Thai




Brazilian Jiu jitsu

Mixed martial arts (That%26#039;s every martial art above combined together)

Krav Maga|||The top 10 martial arts styles based on the following criteria;

1) Operating under the assumption that you have 10 clones of Bruce Lee, each of them trained by the highest ranking, highest skilled master of each respective martial art, they are all isolated from women, told to fight to the death, and the survivor gets 10 super model wives with bodies that could be used in Playboy plus 10 billion dollars. That is criteria number 1. Oh yeah, and the beauties are all 18 year old virgins too, forgot to add that part.

2) A martial art%26#039;s effectiveness I judge not on number of ring victories, nor even on survival rate on the streets, reason being, virtually all styles and techniques we have today, we have them because they survived a ruthless form of natural selection. If a style exists, obviously it beat out countless others, for whatever reason. However there are varying degrees of effectiveness, and that is determined by efficient use of strength, energy, and mental resources, the greater the efficiency in these things, and the shorter a fight in the hand%26#039;s of a high ranking expert, the more effective the style is. Howe well a given technique harnesses what the body can do, while using as little strength as possible, is the gauge for effectiveness. Now as a side note; if a person achieves absolute focus, that is through meditation they completely empty their mind, and their very soul wakes up, then technique becomes a moot point. However for argument%26#039;s sake let%26#039;s assume these are all 10th dans or equivalent%26#039;s here, and all the Bruce Lee%26#039;s are 30 year old virgins by the way; remember, they are told to fight to the death. That criteria set aside, from most, to least likely to survive a fight to the death tourney with the criteria mentioned above;

1) Tai Chi Chuan, or any internal style, and in this category I also include Baijiquan because even though its officially %26quot;internal,%26quot; most of the training is meditation heavy, so it is more an internal style that uses external elements than anything else.

2) Shaolin Kung Fu, or any member of the external %26quot;hard%26quot; Kung Fu family; what you get is what you put into it, in the end, equally skilled Kung Fu practitioners evenly matched, it ends in a draw, and it comes down to what you like or dislike, not effectiveness, when it comes to Kung Fu.

3) Shuia Jiao, Chinese wrestling; do not be fooled by all the throwing you see on youtube, it also has ground techniques but they are rarely used.

4) Karate, any style, trained in old school.

5) Old school catch, Old school Judo, or Old school BJJ, back when grappling was taught in a way that if you messed up, whoever you were grappling against would break your limbs; they trained you, so that would not happen, thus it was more severe.

6) Boxing, U.S.A., as it was from the 30%26#039;s to 60%26#039;s when the mob ran it; the fact that the mob ran it, and most fighters did not take a dive like they were told, meant that if you did not take a dive, the mafia would put a bruiser in the ring with you, a killer fresh out of prison. The champs of old had to be tougher, their technique had to be more polished, plus, also because of the mafia, the refs ignored a lot more cheap shots.

7) Muay Thai; not as strong as it looks.

8) Krav Maga, slick disarms, good psychological training, but in an unarmed situation not the best style.

9) Modern BJJ and %26quot;submission wrestling.%26quot;

10) Sanda

So there you have it; from the list pick a style most convenient for you, hope my suggestions helped.|||6. Sambo

5. Muay Thai


3. Silat

2. Eskrima

1. Krav Maga

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