Friday, November 18, 2011

What's the best age to enroll a child in martial arts?

I%26#039;d like to enroll my daughter in a martial arts class (she%26#039;s three), but would it be worth it at this age? Also, what form of martial arts would be recommended for children which focuses on the removing herself from a dangerous situation and fleeing?|||It largely depends on the listening and attention skills of the child. It%26#039;s been my experience that children will vary to certain degrees when its comes to this regardless of the age. I think 3 is a bit young, I have had a couple of 4 yr olds come thru but they have very good listening skills so it was easier to keep their attention. And in a class setting its important to be able have their attention at all times for safety reasons. I believe 5 is ok depending on the child. But keep in mind at that age they will be learning more coordination and balance exercises, usually set in a %26quot;fun drills%26quot; format. These are designed to improve their skills by keeping it enjoyable so that we keep their attention. Mean while there is a mix of martial arts incorperated so that they learn it and get not bored or frustrated. My daughter started her training at age 7 and is now 12 and still training. I firmly believe that starting the child in a tradtional martial art is best when they are young. The majoirty of traditional arts teach skills that develope their thinking about bad situations and how to avoid them. Also learning core values like courtesy and respect for others. I suggest visiting some your local schools and watch how they teach the kids and find out as much as possible about the school and their reputation by talking to other parents that have been there for a while. Also avoid the long term contracts. You dont want to tied to a 3 yr deal if the child deceides they want to quit after 3 months. Best of luck.|||about 5 if the kid is bright, but you have to be careful to find a dojo that is already teaching a good number of kids. Kids that young can get really hurt bad because they are still developing, joints,tendons ,bones, etc... You really have to search, go to schools and watch a class or two, see how the instructors handle the kids ,what kinds of warming up techniques they do etc. as far as style, its depends if you want her to get pretty trophies go with a tae kwon do, school, if you want her to actually learn how to fight and when not to , go find a %26#039;shorinji kempo%26quot; school, they are much harder to find(closed society) but well worth it if you find one with a good instructor.|||The school near us will not accept them until they are five. I hope this helps.|||I personally will not accept children under the age of six. I prefer that they start at eight, but six and seven are acceptable, if the child can pay attention.|||I started when I was 4 and studied until I was 19. I think 4 is the age that they will understand what it is and get something out of it.|||I started at 4 and am still in it.|||My kids have been taking taekwondo lessons (in the Philippines) now for 3 years (for self-defense purposes), my son started at age 10, my daughters started at age 9 and 4. The youngest one just watched the older ones train, but later wanted to join them so we let her. Their instructor was skeptical at first fearing she might not be able to follow instructions, but accepted her after seeing that she could.|||In my personal and honest opinion, I don%26#039;t think children should be involved in martial arts until they%26#039;re at least 8-10. Children below this age can%26#039;t get the true meaning of the discipline out of what they%26#039;re learning. I also believe that they aren%26#039;t able to decide for themselves whether or not they want to do it.|||i think whenever the child wants to start participating, if you force someone into it, it sorta kills the point. She, your daughter, should enjoy the martial art she is doing. tho i wouldn%26#039;t recommend karate or tae kwon do for removing herself from a dangerous situation, hakido might work...wushu is smooth and flow but it%26#039;s kinda hard finding a good wushu dojo that does the actual kung fu instead of the flashy, i wish i get a black belt, type...uhhh...i suggest muay thai, i done that since i was a little kid and it help me in some dangerous situation tho it doesn%26#039;t help with fleeing becuase muay thai is more confrontational but very very lethal she%26#039;ll be able to knock somebody out with an elbow blow to the temple lol...

Wushu, aikido, hapkido, drunken boxing if YOU could find a good place to learn it... very hard i tried it...couldn%26#039;t get the %26quot;unbalance%26quot; down. there%26#039;s a type of drunken boxing specifically made for girls 8 gods of drunken boxing, one of them is a goddess that%26#039;s the one you should find but again very very rare that you%26#039;ll find a place like that. Judo works nicely also that way she can take on a heavy person using central friend did that...throws me all the time and i%26#039;m not light i%26#039;m like 280 pounds and he%26#039;s like half my weight. uhhh what else...yea i think she should use the confrontational martial instead of the flee....Oh!! shaolin wushu, kungfu is a good fleeing martial art. since the monks don%26#039;t believe in hurting people they try to use fleeing tactics not hurting the opponent (don%26#039;t believe everything you see on chinese films...sadly it%26#039;s been waay of base)|||Between the ages of six and twelve years old.

The younger the better since the prime age of a good martial artists is usually between 18-26 years old.

The martial arts is a %26#039;young persons%26#039; pursuit, usually under the age of 30.|||Just do track if you want her to run so bad. Most martial arts schools in america suck for actual fightting|||well the place i wok at wants parents to wait till they are 3years old

we teach taekwondo and it has helped me in selfdefence many times

also it teaches major respect and disipline. so i think she you would like the person it brings her to be later in life.|||As an assistant instructor I%26#039;d have to say the best you could do is wait a couple of years until they are at least six. But, if you%26#039;re determined find a place that looks more like a daycare program at that age the retention span is severly limited. At the age of six I would envolve them in a grappling art. Most children that age can%26#039;t comprehend striking arts as theyre still evolving emotionally, There response to getting hit is to get angry. Don%26#039;t start them in that till shes at least 12. But a good judo school would work well (BJJ or Sambo or easy ones to find as well). Stay away from any tae kwon do or karate school. There are to many mcdojos which offer nothing in terms of self- defense but will take all your money.|||I started tae kwon do when i was like 4 and now i am 11 and i am still doing it and i am not even 2 belts away from my black belt so it is good to start at a young age because most young kids run of and if someone tries to hurt them they will be able to defend the selves

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