Friday, November 18, 2011

How Do I Learn Martial Arts Without Money?

I don%26#039;t have the funds take martial arts classes. I am interested in learning Krav Maga or something like it. What are some alternative ways of learning this?

Are there any good DVD%26#039;s that teach people martial arts? If so that would be excellent. Any other suggestions would be great.|||The only sound way i think you can learn self defense with no money is by being close friends with a martial artist or just getting into random street fights. Although if you want to learn Krav Maga, this requires you to get those random people you fight to pull a gun or knife on you. Even in a martial arts class, after teaching you knife defense for years, they tell you the number 1 thing to do is give in to the demands. If you can get out of it with your life, just by complying, then do it. Give the guy your wallet.

Maybe a ymca close by offers it cheap. I knwo my instructor used to charge $1 a lesson until the YMCA upped the rent.

Oh and i know you don%26#039;t really wanna hear it, but with the website idea, its just bad. You really need someone who knows how to do the attacks, to do them to you, to properly defend. I mean practicing getting out of a choke hold with my little bro was helpful for technique, but then once i ranked up a few belts and the instructor is really choking me....its somethign different.

For example, we learned a few different ways to get out of a rear choke and one worked the best. So the instructor made a point by modifiying the choke and that way absoloutly didnt%26#039; work anymore. Had to tak ea differnet route to get out of it. These are the type of things you can%26#039;t learn from a website / dvd.

Anywas..last option. Talk to an instructor about your situation. Might give you a discount...might have some alternatives for you like doing some clean up work.|||An excellent way to train on a budget is to check out the bulletin boards at your local community college. Often you will find that there are others with some skills looking for a partner whom they can work out with. This usually means you will be training in a garage, or backyard. That dosent mean its not good training. You get what you pay for. You can pay money to go to a pretty dojo, and build false confidence, or you can pay with sweat and develop real skills. If you%26#039;re lucky to might find someone with some Krav Maga skills, but the pickier you are, the less likely you are to find free training.|||I ONCE ASKED MYSELF THE SAME QUESTION AND I BENIFITED ALOT FROM IT. BASICALLY WHAT I DID WAS WATCH ALOT OF DRAGON BALL Z PLAYED ALOT OF MORTAL KOMBAT AND STREET FIGHTER AND WATCHED LOADS OF KUNG FU MOVIES. I STUDIED THE CHARACTERS AND THIER FIGHTING STYLES AND PREFORMED THEM AT MY HOUSE AND IN MY GARDEN ON MY OWN AFTER 9 MONTHS I WANTED TO TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL SO I JOINED A KUNG FU SCHOOL. WHEN I STARTED THE CIFU (MASTER) WAS SUPRISED OF WHAT I WAS CAPABLE OF SEEING AS I HAD NEVER TAKEN ANY REAL LESSONS BEFORE BUT TODAY I CAN CALL MYSELF A GOOD FIGHTER.|||Do not even try to learn the type of techniques you want without an instructor. You risk learning incorrectly which will accomplish two things. You will develope a false sense of security and most likely get hurt if you try to use what you have taught yourself.

That said, I am sure that if there are sincere teachers in your area one would be willing to teach you in exchange for work around their house or at the school. My teacher has done this in the past and so have I. You must be very sincere and endeaver to give the teacher more in work than he/she provides in lessons. This will show your willingness to work hard and your dedication to the art and you teacher.

Good luck.|||YMCA or find a family friend who has at least a 2nd degree black belt in the Martial arts and will train you for just being a family friend.

Also, you might be able to work out a deal with a master from some dojo or studio for lessons. You could trade your services for theirs; for example, you could clean the toilets, vacum carpets, sterilize the mats,etc.. in trade. That%26#039;s the way it was in the ancient times, people traded work for lessons.||||||Check out

Good links there.

As for learning MA on your own...I would have started out with Muay Thai. You learn alot of great habits, early.

Krav Maga is more weapons defense orientated with the assumption that you%26#039;ve had previous formal training in another Art.|||Try searching the internet...there should be some great sites for finding martial arts without money...|||If you attend college, usually, there are some very high quality clubs that teach martial arts for free. Just add it as a class.


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