Friday, November 18, 2011

How is it possible for there to be christian martial arts schools?

Isn%26#039;t martial arts, especially Asian martial arts related to Buddhism. If you teach martial arts with out Buddhist or eastern philosophy are you teaching just a watered down version. Also if you start teaching martial arts to christians will some be tempted to convert or follow Asian religions and doctrines instead?|||I didn%26#039;t even know there were christian martial arts schools. What will fundies come out with next?|||I know a number of Christian martial artists. Some of them do practice Zen and other forms of Buddhism. Since Buddhism is non-theistic, there is no conflict with Christianity (I know several Christian clergy members who are also Buddhists). The reason that I am not a martial artist myself is because, as part of my Christian beliefs, I am a pacifist. It has nothing to do with a fear of Eastern influences, but with my personal ethics. I do not wish to engage in combat with other people; hence, practicing martial arts would be a bit pointless for me (unless I did it purely as a sport, which I do not personally find interesting).|||The aim of all martial arts practice is to conquer the lower self, i.e. the selfish, egotistical and narcissistic traits in one character. That sounds very Christian to me.

As a martial arts practitioner one will have to adopt certain rules, e.g. rule of dress, bowing towards the opponent, etc. This is no different to having to adopt the rules of soccer if one wants to play soccer.

When evaluating something one should look below the surface and not judge and dismiss something based on mere appearances.|||Every tradition not taught in it%26#039;s place of origin by a master of that form is watered down. If I think of yoga then that is certainly one discipline %26#039;watered down%26#039; to meet Western expectations and beliefs. I do know teachers who have sought to be trained by such masters but not many. My sister is a Catholic 2nd degree black belt, I don%26#039;t believe it%26#039;s influenced her choice of religion. Me? I have assimilated my yoga practice and have actively sought Eastern teachers. I would still say I can%26#039;t grasp the discipline and lifestyle the way these teachers do.|||Can you integrate Christianity and Martial Arts? Yes because they don%26#039;t exclude each other in any way on a functional level. Does it require some fudging of Asian principles? Possibly, depends on how badly the teacher feels the need to %26quot;christianize%26quot; the original forms teachings.

Finally, I know of no Asian-based martial arts that are tightly woven with exclusionary religious doctrine if at all.|||Forms of fighting is just techniques to protect and to conqueor...I don%26#039;t see why something that came out of a religion has to represent that religion. If there%26#039;s was a Martial Arts called Nae, and Nae was created by Buddhists, and Nae%26#039;s goals were to calm the mind and increase physical reflexes, couldn%26#039;t a Christain want those goals while not being Buddhist and still being Chrsitain?|||You are taught philosophy, not religion. And what is wrong with being educated in another faith? That%26#039;s one of my hobbies - learning about other faiths - from people who are of those faiths.

Will some people be interested (not tempted) in converting - yes, it happens. But then, one has to have a strong belief in one%26#039;s own faith to not convert. Much of the philosophy of Buddha is very similar to that of Jesus. %26quot;Do unto others, etc.%26quot; fo example.

Many early Christians accepted reincarnation. Some still do. One can%26#039;t just ask a question about Christianity - as there are so many different kinds of Christians - we can hardly agree amongst ourselves.

If listening to a philosophy which is good - how much harm can that do? Go to the classes.|||Yes, Martial Arts is from Buddhism... Christian Martial Arts? What%26#039;s the difference other than the name.

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