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How can I learn martial arts without paying a teacher or going to a YMCA?

I really want to lean Martial Arts, but we%26#039;re kinda tight on money, and my local YMCA is disgusting and probably doesn%26#039;t even have any self defense classes anyway. How can I learn?|||First things first

1. Find the best schools in your area the best teachers and dont worry about prices make a list from the highest quality schools to the lowest quality start from the highest.

2. Consult the highest teacher (remember if you want the highest training always learn from the source) tell them your situation offer to trade services maybe clean their school or do errands for them in exchange for teaching you tell them youll do anything they ask of you to learn. be humble

3. If they refuse find the top students of that school catch them on their way out and plead that they teach you tell them your situation if someone did that to me id teach them also im sure they hunger for the practice

4. try at the next school

5. Remember some schools offer free trials of their classes take advantage of these trials because you may discover though one school has a reputation of being good it may not be as good as another school you try out test every school in your area when you find the school and style you know you want to learn at then make them understand how sincere you are to learning their teachings|||So If all of you say you can%26#039;t learn by yourself, then let me ask you who invented martial arts? Answer is MAN trying to defend himself against animals %26amp; other men. My point is if you have a very strong foundation in the basics of the art you want to study then everything else is simple. Report Abuse
|||Do not learn from book or DVD from library if you don%26#039;t have basic.

Go to some of the schools in the area, big schools are actually better than the small ones in your case.

Offer working in exchange of training, offer to clean their dojo or maintain their garden and all that in exchange of some training.

Failing that, you might have to fork out some money at least for the basic training. Basic is the utmost necessary anyway in a Martial Art training. Once you have basic, you can quit the school and learn additional techniques from DVDs and all that.|||These days that is a pretty tough one chuco had some good ideas, also look for small %26#039;garage%26#039; style schools ask friends if they know of anyone near you teaching and go introduce yourself. Old school teachers will often take a person under their wing if you are sincere and obviously willing to make up the financial portion by trading your other skills or services, cleaning the school, yard work etc. good luck, by the way it is the way I started.|||i know what you mean being a little tight on cash, i just found my teacher and he does martial arts, he said he doesn%26#039;t care about money like most people do so we became good friends and he doesn%26#039;t mind teaching me every once in awhile, so he shows me stuff and i practice it on my off time, so my suggestion for you is find somebody who trains or a friend who does martial arts and ask him to teach you some things|||well to truely be a martial artist it takes knowledge and for most people cant learn on their own you could learn from a friend or youtube but when it comes down to a real life situation because you didnt get to spar or train the proper way you develop bad skills that a simple high school wrestler or 6 month boxer will figure out (not bashing boxing or wrestling)

so my advice is find a gym you can afford or maybe ask a instructor to clean the gym for trade but learning from friends or online is not the best way to go trust me you will develop into a sloppy fighter|||I agree with the others, You need an instructor to guide you properly in what your learning. Books teach only picture, Teacher helps understand what pow means.

TO learn for free is a hard thing. Where do you live and what type of situtation do you have?

You can apply for a nan-jing scholar ship and learn in China, but you have to be considered a Blessed person. Meaning a prodigy.|||I came to the same problem and decided to take it on myself to design my own %26quot;martial art%26quot; or self defense method. I research using the internet till I find something that I haven%26#039;t tried yet, then see what I can find out about it. Many martial arts websites have helpful info and videos, collect them as you can, or better still, see if your local library can loan them to you. I%26#039;m slowly developing what Bruce Lee coined %26quot;jeet kun do%26quot; or my own collection of what does work for me. I owe some deep thanks to Dan Inosanto%26#039;s videos.

All of these skills and things are best learned with other people, as if you only have yourself, you realistically only learn the self part and not the defense part. Here%26#039;s a rough outline of how I%26#039;ve broken down my own learning:

A. Stretching and movement (range of motion)

1. kinesthetics 鈥?how I move

a. feet and ankles: fox walk, blindfolds and bare feet

b. legs and knees: protecting on jumps and landings

c. hips and butts: control and motion, stretching and building

d. torso: belly and lower back

e. chest and shoulders

f. arms and hands

g. neck and head

2. Ranges of motion

3. Extensions

4. Contractions

B. Rolls, tumbling and ground movement

1. rolls: forward, backward, barrel and flat

2. tumbling: from trip or push

3. movement: 1, 2, 3, 4 points of contact

4. full ground: back and belly

C. Falling and rising

1. Front falls, flips, hand springs

2. Back falls, flips, hand springs

a. Side falls, aerials, cartwheels

3. Rising: rolling out, kip up, push up, bridge to walk over, rocking chair

D. Contact: Holds, locks and escapes

1. Contact: sticky hands, swinging gate drills

2. Holds and trapping: against you, against them or someone else, against a wall, against a floor or ceiling

E. Locks: for all joints

F. Escapes: like jujitsu yawara, leverage and straight lines, large and small circles

G. Striking with arms and their counters

1. Punches: vertical, horizontal, back hand, round house, uppercut

2. Elbows: vertical, horizontal and downward

3. Foot work: rooting, male and female triangles, panchar chart, walking

4. Prevention: parries, blocks, slips, covers

H. Knees and feet

1. Kicks: front, back, leg side, cross side, up, down

2. Knees: vertical, and down

3. Steps: forward, backward, sideways, crosses, spins

4. Blocks and evasions: outside, inside, to the rear and to the front

I. Strength and endurance training: all parts of the body

1. Mental strength: The sacred questions

a. What does this mean (observing)

b. What is this teaching me (interpreting)

c. How can I apply this knowledge in my life (applying)

d. How can I pass this knowledge on to others (sharing)

2. Spiritual strength

a. What is the Creators goal for me today (listening)

b. How can I implement or reach that goal (loving enough, doing)

c. Saying thanks you (humbleness)

d. Helping others on their path (if they choose to accept) (giving)

J. Endurance

1. Mind (emotions, thoughts, words)

2. Body (physical conditioning)

3. Spirit (heart listening, building faith and trust)

This is an unfinished work, as I am always finding stuff to add or modify. All that it gives me is a place to start. Try looking at what you are good at, and work from there. Asking the question %26quot;how can this be used as defense or in a martial sense%26quot; can be applied to most all situations.

Currently I am unable (jobless) to afford to go to a dojo at all, but I do a physical workout at least five days a week... kind of following the sort of work outs on CrossFit. Two days a week I train self defense with some friends, just trying out what we have seen till we find what works, or what doesn%26#039;t. I also try to spend several hours each week with a blindfold on, just to push the other senses.

Remember that if and when you get a chance to go to a dojo, go with an empty cup, or as a learner. You can put what you learn at the dojo together with what you already know when you get home.

Another possible source that you might want to check out, is that I have seen a few dojo%26#039;s that will trade cleaning for lessons... find a good school and talk to the instructor.|||you cant, you need an instructor to understand the martial arts. and to help you with your training,

books, videos and the internet are intended for reference and not meant as the solo source of knowledge.|||No!

proper training at a club is the only way.

Best wishes :)***|||Ask your school if they could start a martial arts club! Mine just started one because of a student in my science class. It%26#039;s really fun! :]|||Instructional videos from the library. That%26#039;s really not the best way to learn though. Nonetheless, you can learn some that way. Maybe you can find a friend with a black belt in something? That friend could legitimately teach you.|||Watch videos online, Bas Ruttun has good stuff

Read books, and practice

If you have any questions let me know.|||you need an instructor. learning from books and stuff doesnt work.

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