Friday, November 18, 2011

What martial arts style do women fight with in the movies?

for example lara croft, charlie%26#039;s angels...

is there a martial arts style that is best suited for women?|||In Films; Handbags at 20 paces ;)

In Real life; The IKMF in the UK run a seminar called %26quot;Fight like a girl!%26quot; which always gets a very positive response from the students. I%26#039;ve put a link in below, there%26#039;s more information in the newsletters on the forum (click Krav Maga resources on the left.) There%26#039;s also some photos in the krav maga gallery which give a flavour of what goes on.|||Bullshitsu

heres the real life Laura Croft , and she fights with Muay Thai|||Oh come on it%26#039;s hollywood. They are masters of an art form called sexy-fu. You know, for the ratings. Everyone loves cheesecake.|||The best style for women is marital arts...|||wing chun kung fu was created by a woman.... it works well for smaller physiques

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