Friday, November 18, 2011

What is the average monthly fee for martial arts instructions?

Specifically martial arts schools in North and South Carolina. I%26#039;m finding one school charge only $35 and others charging well over $100 per month for the same style of martial arts. I was wondering what the average is.|||I%26#039;ve found that the average monthly fee for training is

around $75 to $89. Regardless of region.|||40Bucks-60Bucks|||My two sons attend the Hogan%26#039;s ATA Black Belt Club in Morganfield KY. I pay $89 per month. They have classes two nights a week and sometimes three. We do live in a small town so the price may be higher elsewhere. Make sure you go to a school who is certified to teach the martial art you choose. Many places will teach you but your belt rank will not be upheld if you change to another school unless they are certified. Ask about this before signing up.|||About $50 bucks|||Don%26#039;t know about the Carolinas, but in Southern California they run between $30-60 per month, depending on the type. Also depends whether it%26#039;s group or individual instruction. I took weekly group Tae Kwon Do lesons for $40/month.

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