Friday, November 18, 2011

What is the most brutal martial arts form?

After training in several different martial arts styles, I feel like I%26#039;m not really learning what I want to know to protect myself in a street fight. I want to learn to fight dirty and use EVERY weapon in my arsenal to quickly devastate my opponent. Such as, eye gouging, biting someones nose off, ripping someones ear off and other tactics designed to quickly and completely destroy an opponents will to fight, rather than learning how to punch, kick and submit an opponent, which is pretty much what most forms of martial arts teach today. Any thoughts?|||not Aikido. its only fame is steven segal movies.

try RBSD.

reality based self defense

as it throws tradition away and gets the dirty out and ready. though even here there are dangers of posers.

you need to focus on target areas, and the gross motor skills needed to damage them.

I PM you.

edit: oh, you dont allow IM or email. can you email me as I have info for you.|||ai ki do i fyou do it properly or|||Any Southeast Asian art - Silat, Kun Tau, Dumog . . . a famous %26quot;sport%26quot; Southeast Asian art is Muay Thai.|||Try kajukenbo, it may be just what you are looking for.|||Look into Danzan Ryu Jujitsu|||Mexican JUDO. ju-do know what%26#039;s comming next.|||Pentjak Silat its Indonesian and if you know it you can take on anyone, its designed so you can effectively counter and kill people with a higher lvl of martial arts training than you. also you can utilize anything as a weapon in your surroundings... full complete 100% situational awareness..

the primary weapon of silat is a knife blade with a hole in one end so you can swing it around and slice, stab, cut, and gash.|||krav maga

google it

its sick|||krav maga has great self defense applications and Kempo Karate (depending on the dojo)..I%26#039;m training in a more traditional form of karate but we also learn a lot of self defense techniques that includes joint manipulation, grabbing certain areas of the throat, striking behind the ear (the knock out button), identifying and striking certain pressure points...we are also taught to bite, pinch, headbutt, etc. in certain ground defense situations|||Hopkeido.Ask anyone, its a form that teaches you to beat the crap out of someone.Once you start attacking, you never stop til they are bleeding or dying in front of you.THIS IS NOT A GOOD SELF DEFENSE FORM,AS IT LEADS TO A BUNCH OF DEAD PEOPLE.|||penjak silat, its brutal, basically teaches you the quickest way to do as much damage as possible.|||Not the most brutal, but is very brutal art. Kung Fu San Soo.|||Kenpo

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